Eggplant Stir Fry

Eggplant is not only rich in flavor, but nutrients!  This recipes serves as a great base for any whole food protein source.  

638 grams raw eggplant

75 grams poblano pepper

12 grams sesame oil

20 grams rice vinegar

50 grams coconut aminos

3 grams fine pink or seas salt

26 grams olive oil

30 grams minced garlic

2 grams ground ginger

10 grams fresh basil leaves

6 grams sesame seeds

Peel and slice 2 medium eggplants into 2×1” slices, toss with olive oil. Sauté in medium pan, until eggplant starts to soften.

Dice poblano peppers, mince garlic and combine with remaining (except basil and sesame seed) ingredients in a bowl.

Add the above poblano/garlic mixture to the pan and continue sauté. Now is the time to add animal protein such as chopped chicken breast or shrimp to cook.

When protein is cooked or eggplant is soft, add basil leaves and sesame seeds and toss lightly. Remove from heat and serve.

Serves 2-4

Per 1/4 recipe without protein added

Protein 2.6 grams

Total Carbs 15.8 grams

Net Carbs 10.3 grams

Fat 10.8 grams