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Are you ready?

Are you ready to lose fat?   Ready to optimize building your body through diet?  Ready to set goals and attain them?  Ready to learn about how to sustain those goals for the long run?  If you are ready to eat whole foods, not buy meals, shakes, bars, supplements and waste money with little or temporary result, then you have come to the right place.  

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Knowledgeable Expertise

Ever increasing education in science and nutrition, with a healthy dose of experience, is what is needed to make a plan for men & women that will see positive results.  Have a plan tailor made for you and your goals and gain the knowledge to lose fat and maintain Your Lean Life.


1-On-1 Coaching and Group Education

Whether you want private One-On-One Nutritional Coaching or Group Education, you can learn the tools for a healthy diet plan to lose fat and maintain Your Lean Life while receiving the support, motivation and education to keep you at your goal of weight loss for years to come.


Meal Planning Guidance

In conjunction with the Your Lean Life Program, meal planning and prepping is important to get to, and maintain, your goals. Having healthy delicious meals ready to go is a staple to success.  I come to you, in your kitchen, and teach you how to make a week's worth of meals to keep you on track and satisfied. Serving The Woodlands and surrounding areas. 

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1-On-1 Personal Training

Diet is a majority of success when it comes to losing fat, but building muscle is a STRONG component of improving your overall body composition.  Resistance training becomes even more important as we age and it is NEVER too late to start!  In conjunction with the Your Lean Life Program, add on Personal Training to make the MOST of your journey!

In-Person and Virtual Options 

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