Weight Loss: The Science Behind Burning Fat

Does your weight fluctuate without any sustainable, consistent results? Many find that losing weight is more difficult than they anticipated it would be. Often, people aren’t seeing results because they don’t understand the science behind burning fat. Your Lean Life explains how this process works:

Energy and Fat Cells

Our bodies are fueled with calories. We consume calories for energy! Calories are composed of three key macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fats.

Fat cells, or adipocytes, serve to store this energy within our bodies. Our bodies will create more fat cells or expand the size of fat cells to accommodate excess energy. Therefore, the more calories we consume, the more fat cells we produce to store energy.

Weight Loss and Burning Fat

People with high-calorie diets and minimal physical activity produce more fat cells, and are at greater risk of becoming overweight. Even after developing a consistent exercise regimen, some people still struggle to lose weight; this is because the body stores energy at a quicker rate than it releases energy. In order to burn fat and lose weight, you must make dietary changes as well.

Goals and Macros  

In addition to your exercise regimen, you should aim to eat a diet targeted for your goals. This can be accomplished by counting macros! Become familiar with your nutritional labels and track your macronutrients in an app, like Cronometer. When you approach food consumption with more awareness, it is easier to make choices that benefit you. Once your diet reflects your goals, you can identify a nutrition to exercise balance that supports your weight loss goals.

Struggling to achieve your weight loss goals? Not sure how to track macros? The coaches at Your Lean Life are ready to help! From personal and mini-group coaching to macro calculation programs and more, we want to guide you on your journey to becoming a happier, healthier, and more confident you. Contact us today!