The Do’s and Don’ts of Resistance Training


Resistance training is an important part of weight loss, and also supports your cardiovascular health, muscles, joints, flexibility, and balance. To reap these benefits, you must be training properly. Here are the do’s and don’ts of resistance training:

Always warm up

Hopping right into resistance training without a proper warm-up can result in injury. Before lifting weights, warm up with movements similar to what you will be training. When you begin your routine, take your time — there’s no need to rush. Rushing through your routine increases risk of injury. When you focus on unhurried and controlled movements, you’re able to isolate specific muscles and ultimately see better results.

Check your form

To ensure better results and reduce the risk of injury, proper form is crucial in resistance training. Before introducing new exercises, learn the proper form for each exercise. Proper form refers to the positioning and motion of your body as you use the exercise equipment. If you are unsure what proper form may be, consult a personal trainer. If you’re struggling to maintain proper form, you may need to decrease your weights.

Don’t lift more than you can handle

When lifting, you should choose weights that you can lift for the recommended number of times with good form and the last 1-2 times should be challenging. You should feel some muscle fatigue after lifting weights for several repetitions but it’s important to know your limits. Lifting more than you can handle can result in injury. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with a certain size, you can progressively add more weight.


Overdoing it will only cause injury! You must allow your muscles to rest. Instead of working every muscle group daily, alternate routines. Focus on your arms one day, legs the next, abdominals the following day, etc.

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