So here we are, almost mid-February.  You had grand plans of losing weight after the new year.  You started exercising.  You started “eating right”.  You cut out foods you thought were not beneficial.  You bought some supplements, wraps, detoxes…blah, blah, blah…and you aren’t much better off than you were January 1st!!!  Maybe the only thing that is lighter is your wallet!  You say to yourself “screw it, I just can’t lose weight!” and go eat a sleeve of Oreos.  

Well, what if all the things you are doing that you THINK are right, aren’t??  “But Ladies Home Journal said I can lose 10 pounds in 10 days by eating this soup and skipping breakfast.”  Ladies Home Journal (or whatever check-out publication, blog or latest fad salesman/woman) doesn’t know YOU and isn’t backing their claims in science.  

There is nothing worse than starting something off on the wrong foot (whether you know it or not) and getting FRUSTRATED when it doesn’t work, especially when you are giving it your all.  There really is a small window of opportunity for something to show progress and for you to see value in it, before you throw in the towel.  

So lets start together.  With a solid plan.  With a solid understanding of how things work.  With a solid understanding of expectations.  With a solid understanding of what things will influence results and with a solid understanding of the things that have gotten in your way before.  I can provide the plan, the accountability and the support, you just need to provide the desire to succeed and the willingness to learn.