In a world where nutrition trends come and go, one timeless piece of advice remains constant: eat your greens. Incorporating green foods such as leafy greens and vegetables is beneficial for your digestion, nutrients, and weight management. Here are a few tasty and nutritious options that are perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s day:

Spinach Waffles

A statement breakfast food that takes you back to your childhood, leaving out the added sugar and extra empty carbs you don’t want. Made with the use of spinach, eggs, chicken breast (cooked or canned), cinnamon and salt, this keto protein waffle recipe checks off all the boxes of a balanced breakfast. It’s packed with 30 grams of protein and makes 2 servings for you to either share or keep to yourself! Start your St. Patrick’s day off right with a delicious green breakfast!

A recipe that is quick to make, easy to clean up, and is versatile enough to meet your nutritional needs is beef and broccoli stir fry! Get that wok out and toss in your favorite lean flank steak and load up on broccoli to create a delicious and green meal. This dish is a punch of both intense flavor and nutritional value. To add to the meal, whip up some keto cauliflower rice to go with it. This recipe contains 30 grams of protein and serves about 4 people. If broccoli isn’t enough, add other green vegetables of your choice to create the ultimate green dining experience. 

This St. Patrick’s day, celebrate by preparing and enjoying these delicious, green, options! Your Lean Life has you covered when it comes to healthy, keto-friendly recipes. Interested in learning more about how to healthily incorporate food during holidays? Our professionals are ready to assist. Contact Your Lean Life today!


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