As we venture into the new year, many of us are eager to embrace positive changes and adopt healthier habits. One of the most popular goals for improvement typically surrounds nutrition. Setting realistic nutrition goals is crucial for long-term success, as drastic changes can often lead to burnout and frustration. Here are a few helpful tips when setting realistic nutrition goals for the new year!

Reflect on Current Habits

Before jumping into a new diet or nutrition plan, take a moment to review your current eating habits. Find which areas you struggle with the most where you can make practical changes without feeling overwhelmed. Look at what your eating patterns are, as well as the type of foods you eat in your daily life. Ask yourself if there are healthy alternatives to these foods, and gauge what you can sacrifice at the start. Be patient with yourself during the changes you decide to make. This will increase your chances of sticking with them throughout the new year!


When you decide to establish nutritional goals, it is helpful to utilize SMART for more achievable goals. SMART calls for you to: Set specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound goals for long-term results. Instead of commanding yourself to eat healthier, set a specific goal for yourself such as eating at least one vegetable with every meal. If this is unrealistic for you and your daily life, set a goal of incorporating one vegetable into one meal every day. The point of SMART goals is not to immediately change up your daily intake, but to set possible goals for yourself that you can keep track of. To take on a new, life altering diet can be too aggressive, leading to abandonment. Use SMART to hold yourself accountable, measure your progress, and keep a realistic mindset for you and your body.
Whether your objective is to lose weight, improve energy level, or adopt a more balanced diet, the SMART framework can significantly increase your chances of success.  Interested in learning more about SMART goals? Our professionals are ready to assist. Contact Your Lean Life today!


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