Eat like the person you want to be

My last Blog post was Dec 31 2019.  That was a lifetime ago.  So much has changed, and so fast, with our world.  People are being asked to adjust and adapt in so many ways and everyone is handling it differently.  Everyone has different dynamics to adapt and adjust.  Spouses, kids, being alone, school, work, businesses, being physically disconnected…we are all finding our way and our new (hopefully temporary!) norm.  Some people are drowning in stats and numbers, some are joking and some are just riding the wave.  One thing MANY people are doing is turning to food for comfort.  The relationship we have with food as a society has become so disjointed and harmful to our bodies and minds.  The reality is, eating yourself to oblivion does not change anything for the better.  It won’t change the state of the world.  It won’t change finances.  It won’t change relationships…what it WILL change is your body and perpetuate the bad relationship with food, compounding the problem. 

By changing your view on food from something for MENTAL or EMOTIONAL wellbeing to something for PHYSICAL wellbeing, you will learn to eat the foods that will build your body in a manner that is not harmful.  Keeping account of portions, learning about quality food choices, understanding WHY one item is better than another and really separating the MENTAL aspects of eating from the PHYSICAL need to eat.  Choose what is beneficial to your body, not necessarily your mind.  

So when we resume our lives as normal, when we stop wearing the PJ’s all day and we have to put back on our business clothes and jeans…where do you want to be?  Do you want to need to rush to the store to buy the next 1 (or 2) size up because you gained that weight while getting through the Covid-19 time, or do you want to maintain or even lose weight, LOSE FAT!?  Learn how to lose fat & maintain Your Lean Life by changing your relationship with food (and drink…) and work on that body you want.  NOW is NOT the time to be like everyone else and dive into comfort foods (it’s really NEVER the time).