The Importance of Protein For People Over 40

As you become older, it may become noticeably harder to lose fat and maintain muscle. Your body changes with age, and how you nurture it should fluctuate in order to meet its needs. In our last article, we discussed the importance of protein intake, but today we will share a few reasons why protein for people over 40 is important.

You’re Losing Muscle Mass

Protein, or the amino acids in protein, are known as the body’s building blocks. Consuming protein-filled foods will feed the muscle to help it maintain, repair, or continue its growth. As age catches up with you, it is important to pay attention to your daily intake of protein since you are gradually losing muscle mass over time. Between the ages of 40-80, you will lose up to 50% of your muscle mass due to Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the gradual loss of strength, muscle, and regular daily function. Muscle Atrophy proceeds at about 1% after 30 years of age, and is due to a mix of lifestyle choices, such nutrition and physical activity. Genetics can also play a role in the speed in muscle deterioration, but personal choices tend to be the majority at fault.

Nutritional Factors

One day, you will venture into your senior years. During this time, you might also notice changes in your appetite. Many folks in their later years might not eat as much as they used to, and many are not eating nearly enough. Protein provides the essential nutrients to keep our immune systems healthy and helps older people remain independent, without having to rely on assistance. Not incorporating more protein into your diet can cause you to become malnourished, increasing the risks of falls, disability, hospitalization, and even death. Ask your nutritionist how much protein you should be eating daily to encourage healthy muscle maintenance. 

Protein is important for all stages of life in order to absorb the proper nutrients your body needs. Just because you are no longer a spring chicken, doesn’t mean you need fewer calories. Use the resources available to you to remain strong by incorporating more protein into your everyday diet. Keep encouraging yourself so that you can reach any goal you have, no matter what age you turn. For more information about protein intake, reach out to our professionals who are ready to help. Contact Your Lean Life today!