The Benefits of Gluten Free Food

Starting a gluten free diet is a lifestyle choice people make for a variety of reasons. With there being gluten present in most processed or take-out foods, this can be quite the task. Whether it’s because you wish to limit carbs from your diet or to soothe digestive troubles, going gluten free can come with many positive benefits. 

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a structural grain that is typically found in grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. Foods such as pizza, cereal, bread, and pasta contain gluten. Gluten has a sticky, glue-like structure that acts as a binding agent in dough. It also gives bread the ability to rise when being baked, giving it a chewy, fluffy consistency. Gluten can also be hidden in condiments, sauces, and some beverages. 


People who struggle with digestive complications benefit greatly from eliminating gluten from their diets. Symptoms can include bloating, gas, and lack of energy, which can impact your metabolism directly. Without the nutrition and proper digestion, you may find it difficult to lose weight over time. Cutting out gluten can help improve your digestion, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients it requires to function. Sticking to whole and clean foods such as fruit, vegetables, and lean meats will digest a lot smoother without having to break down heavily breaded, fried, or refined food. In turn, you will see a dramatic difference in your weight-loss journey when limiting carbs and empty calories. 

Energy Levels

With a gluten free diet, you will have to bid farewell to traditional processed and deep fried foods. While this might count as a sacrifice to you, you will quickly learn how much better you can feel without it. Ridding yourself of unhealthy foods will noticeably boost your energy and mood, causing you to not miss your old habits. Having an intolerance to gluten and eating it can lead to grogginess and fatigue, due to the lack of nourishments.

Gluten can be found in a variety of foods, some you might truly love. You will have to decide for yourself if letting it go is worth trading for a happier, healthy body. Check out Your Lean Life’s recipe ebook for healthy meal ideas! Interested in learning more about gluten and how to change your eating habits? Our professionals are ready to assist. Contact Your Lean Life today!