How To Build a Healthy Relationship With Food

Food is something our bodies rely on for nourishment in order to function properly. We are taught from a very early age about the importance of protein, vegetables, fruits, and other levels of the food pyramid. All of these food groups enable us to sustain ourselves throughout our lives, but it can become difficult to stick to what we need rather than what we want to eat. While developing a weight loss program for yourself, remember the importance of your relationship with food and how to keep it healthy.


Besides being a biological need, food is a huge part of culture, entertainment, and can even hold precious memories. Though, when wanting to shred extra pounds, you might find yourself feeling disconnected from food during the journey. You may blame food for your current health, which can attach a negative connotation to it. Having this attitude towards food can impact your efforts in losing weight in a healthy manner, and can lead to malnutrition and short-lived results. Creating a healthy relationship with food will help you gain an understanding of the purpose it serves and how to not abuse it.


As any relationship would, your relationship with food will require some maintenance. This means you must decide what kind of foods to regulate in your diet in order to find a healthy yet livable balance. Diets can have a bad reputation because they lack sustainability. Many strict diets offer quick results but rarely last due to heavy restrictions. This can discourage you from continuing your healthy choices, putting you right back where you started. Having a healthy relationship with food might take longer, but it will feel easier to abide by, ensuring lasting results. To start building this relationship, you must relieve yourself from eating perfectly 24/7. You’ll want to remain mindful of the choices you make while learning to incorporate foods you love without indulging. This way, you are fulfilling your needs regarding both hunger, nutritional needs, and satisfaction. Ways to stay in a healthy state of mind during weight-loss is to pair up with a professional. It can be difficult to find a healthy relationship with food when the stigma around food is so distorted. Seeking help from a professional can help you sort out your issues with food and how to use it to your advantage. Your Lean Life can help you become connected with nutrition and educate you on how to implement it into your daily life.

By creating a healthy relationship with food, you can make healthy choices, suppress feelings of guilt, and stay encouraged to evolve overtime. Stay connected to your goals, and weigh out what you can sacrifice to meet them. In the meantime, continue to enjoy food the healthy way: by remaining positive and by staying nourishment-minded. 

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