Having a goal and getting there takes work.  It takes a solid plan and discipline.  It takes motivation, at times, but one thing it will ALWAYS take is honesty.  Many people lie to themselves (not intentionally) about what they are actually doing to reach a goal.  It is hard being your own Accountability Buddy because it is soooo easy to lie to yourself, act like something didn’t happen (like sneak that cookie) or act like something did happen (like push hard at the gym).  It is also really easy to justify things and make correlations when there are none.  As a Nutritional Coach, it is my job to be honest with you.  It is my job to give you a plan for success and help guide you along that plan. My honesty comes in the way of facts and hard truths.  There are many times that Tough love is involved, but it is always to further your personal goal and follow the plan that you have been given for the goals YOU have chosen.  That is where YOUR honesty comes into play.  My guidance is only as good as your honesty.  Don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat ON yourself.  Even when things don’t go to plan, be honest with yourself and me, not only with Accountability but with the WHY behind something not going to plan.  I am there for you.  I will help hold you Accountable and Support you when you need it, but it’s not about the plan, but the journey navigating it.  When you learn to lose fat in a healthy, whole foods way, the journey to Your Lean Life becomes a lot easier!