Fat-Loss vs. Weight-Loss

Fat-loss and weight-loss are often misunderstood and placed under the same umbrella; the two could not be more different. In this article, we will break down the differences between fat-loss vs. weight-loss. 


Fat-loss can be defined as the loss of fat mass, which is a much healthier approach than losing weight. Concentrating on measuring the amount of fat loss rather than numbers on a scale will provide better results over time; this is because you will be able to see a difference in your body. Devices such as Dexa Scans (body composition facility) and Skulpt (at home) can be used for fairly accurate measurements. 


These devices measure the percentage of fat and muscle you have, and provide a more accurate representation of your body composition. Other tools like skinfold calipers allow you to keep track of your body fat percentage, but it is best when done by a professional since it takes practice to ensure accuracy.  The simplest and most consistent at home method to follow your trend is a measuring tape and the Navy Body Fat Calculation.


Weight-loss can be defined as the total loss of overall body weight from muscle, to fat, to even water weight. Weight loss is never an accurate representation of progress; sometimes weight that is lost can be water weight (sweat, urine), or loss of muscle. 

People who start their healthy lifestyle journey often focus too much on weight-loss, and see little to no improvement even with the numbers on a scale decreasing. Keeping a healthy muscle weight is vital to not just overall health, but to burning calories as well. A scale is unable to feed you this information and is just a measure of gravity. Weight-loss is a way of seeing possible improvement, but it should never be the only metric to be assessed. 

Now that you know the difference between fat-loss and weight-loss, allow us to give you a few tips as you start your journey: 

  • Focus on fat-loss, not weight-loss 
  • Taking progress photos is a great way to see improvement over time 
  • The more muscle you gain, the easier it is to lose fat 
  • Make sure you are getting adequate protein if gaining muscle and losing fat is the goal
  • Be patient

As you continue on your journey, always remember that weight-loss with a focal point in fat-loss is more important than shedding numbers on a scale. For further questions, contact us