Eating with Intention

Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or the desire to feel and be healthier, intentional eating is extremely important. No matter the end goal, intentional eating will provide the best results. 


Consider Your Goals 

Everyone has different goals, so your diet should be tailored to your specific goals. The eating habits that support weight loss are different from the eating habits that support muscle building. Furthermore, your diet is likely to change as your goals change and you navigate new seasons of life. Whether you’re pregnant, training for a marathon, or addressing new health concerns, your diet should consist of foods that will support your body on these journeys. 


Meal planning is a key component of eating with intention. For many people, it’s easy to reach for junk food out of boredom or a lack of motivation to cook. When you meal prep, you do all the work ahead of time and develop a set schedule. When meal planning, you can prepare healthy, nutritious meals and snacks for the week; when you get hungry, these items are ready-to-eat and you’re less likely to reach for junk food. Meal planning also allows you to regulate your hunger patterns. Scheduling meals and snacks trains your body to alert you when you are hungry, and prevents unwanted snacking. 

Fueling Your Body 

Food is fuel. No matter what your goals are, you should eat with your body’s needs in mind. What vitamins and nutrients does your body need to perform at its best? What foods will energize you? How is my current diet affecting my mental state? These are important questions to ask yourself when making dietary changes and meal planning. 

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