K.S. 12/28/18

For the first time in many years I was able to succeed in losing weight, getting my blood pressure and glucose level down, and feeling so much better.  I have energy now I thought I'd never have again.  Lisa Agens is gifted in counseling and imparting her storehouse of experience and information.  She was always positive and built confidence in me.  I thought I knew everything about nutrition, but I found out much of my information was wrong.  I believe Your Lean Life literally saved my life. I highly recommend Your Lean Life for anyone especially if you feel there is no hope. 

J.C. 2/20/2019

Lisa is so knowledgeable about what you need to be the healthiest version of yourself. She is so patient while you learn your new way of living and always there to answer questions, no matter what! I have learned so much these past couple months and I am so excited to continue this journey with her as my Coach!!!! Do yourself a favor and start NOW - you will not regret it!!!!!!

N.H. 3/9/19

Despite a long-established background in marathon and ultra-running, I took my nutrition for granted. Again and again, I would go through the cycle of “I’m in training, I can eat anything”. I would subsequently be left with significant weight gain due to terrible eating habits. I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of the cyclical weight gain and weight loss, but more than that, I was concerned for my overall health.

Fast forward 12 months and I’d lost more than 20% of my body weight through HIIT and low carb dieting. I was thrilled, yet I now had a different problem: I was “skinny fat”, with very little muscle definition and a high body fat %, despite reaching my goal weight. 

I started strength training but didn’t understand the incredibly significant connection between diet and exercise for the purposes of changing body fat/ muscle composition. Macros, calories, net carbs, protein, fats... to Keto, to not Keto? It’s all so confusing, isn’t it? 

I’ve found Lisa to be an excellent coach - she has been consistently generous with her knowledge. Specifically, she is always proactive in responding to questions and very clear in her communications. 

I would go as far as to say that Lisa has been pivotal in helping me in empowering myself so that I have more direction in my “recomp” journey. I can not recommend her enough as a coach- her help and knowledge continues to be invaluable for me.

R.M. 4/11/19

Lisa does amazing work!  I had tried Weight Watchers, Quick Weight Loss, Shakeology, juicing, you name it, all with no success.  I’ve been working with Lisa for 4 weeks and have already lost 21 pounds with no pills, supplements, or special foods. I would highly recommend her.

K.G. 6/10/2019

Lisa is very knowledgeable about food and losing weight. She kept me accountable for everything I ate and did. I enjoyed working with her, and I'm sure I will see her again in the future.

R.M. 6/13/2019

Lisa Agens is amazing!  I had tried a number of weight loss options and nothing seemed to work for me.  I completed my first 8 week program and immediately signed up for another 8 weeks. I began 3/14/19 and, as of 6/13/19, I am down nearly 33 lbs and 37” overall...all with no pills, supplements, or special foods.  If you want sustainable results, call Lisa.

R.G. 7/3/2019

Lisa has truly changed my life! I learned how to eat right, lose weight and overall feel great! She is very knowledgeable and is right by your side through your journey.  When you are struggling, she is right there guiding you. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants real results. She’s the best!

S.H.D. 7/8/2019

You need to love yourself enough to contact Lisa Agen!  For years, I too have failed at trying to lose weight on my own. For some reason, I always cheat on myself or just give up because I do not see results. I am about 50 pounds overweight. Maybe, being overweight is how I am supposed to be...NOT!  For the first time, ever, with Lisa’s help, I am able to see results and maintain the weight loss!  I needed accountability, I needed guidance and support.  Lisa provided all that for me and now my BP is almost normal,  I have lost 20” overall and down 14#s and counting on my way to MY Lean Life!!

Thank You Lisa!!!

Q 10/7/2019

My experience with Lisa and Your Lean Life has been exceptional! Lisa is an awesome coach! She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. She has not only helped me attain my nutritional goals, but helped me understand how to maintain the goals I’ve achieved. She knows how to motivate and encourage with the proper bedside manner. 

She conducts her business with integrity and I trust her. I highly recommend her!